Photo: Entrances to Harvard Law School, the oldest continually
operating law school in the United States, Library of Congress,
LC-DIG-det-4a07564, circa 1910.

About Us

Every organization is a conglomeration of common ­­­­“parts” combined in a way that makes them 100% unique. What makes us different at Manning & Kass is the pairing of yesterday’s traditional values—respect for leadership, hard work and integrity—with today’s cost-effective, collaborative and flexible case management.

Manning & Kass is not your ordinary law firm—every case and every client counts. Founded in 1994, with only sixteen attorneys, in twenty six years the firm has grown to more than 160 attorneys in seven offices, including the major U.S. economic centers of New York and Los Angeles. We are known by our clients as competent, innovative attorneys who, even in victory, refuse to fall victim to complacency. We are continually engaged in a daily process of refinement, knowing that small, gradual improvements are stepping stones on the path to monumental achievement.

Manning & Kass pioneered the "team concept," which is key to the success of our firm. Although our system is simple in design and practice, it yields sophisticated results. With our team approach, each client is assigned a lean, carefully chosen group of attorneys tailor-suited to match their needs. Clients are also assigned a team leader, who is conversant with all of their work with the firm. Our clients can efficiently and directly leverage their team's efforts and energies through a single individual.

An attorney’s experiences, skills and personal style are just a few of the factors a leader considers when configuring the team. The right quality and quantity of legal talent are both important, as is the combination of skills and knowledge to understand everything our client needs. Our attorneys get to know our clients, work together to set quantifiable objectives, and create a road map to follow, with identifiable milestones.

Diversity and Inclusion
At Manning & Kass, diversity and inclusion are two key parts of our identity and culture. We understand that the best client representation, decision making and workplace environment begins with involving the collective efforts of individuals from different backgrounds. Bringing together persons from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences enriches the firm culture and the representation that we are able to provide for our clients. Our diversity is a celebration of different perspectives and ideas, helping us achieve great results and top notch client representation. At the same time, our inclusion of diverse backgrounds and perspectives as empowered team members, creates a world class law firm.