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Torrid Affair Leads to Civil Suit Against County

Associate Andrea K. Kornblau, of the Governmental Entity Liability Team, recently wrapped up unusual case that started with the plaintiff and defendant meeting through a Craigslist ad, which sparked a torrid affair. The defendant's husband, as well as the defendant, were both Los Angeles police officers, and the plaintiff a civilian. Plaintiff claims that the husband found out and threatened the plaintiff. Plaintiff also claims the defendant had him falsely arrested by various entities because she was tired of him, so she had him set up.

The County of Los Angeles was accused of not adequately protecting Plaintiff from Defendant and her husband.

Without going to trial, Ms. Kornblau persuaded the plaintiffs to dismiss their case against the firm's client, the County, in exchange for a waiver of fees and costs. The remainder of the civil case is ongoing.

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