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Rinat B. Klier Erlich Wins a Four Week Real Estate Fraud Case

Rinat B. Klier-Erlich successfully defended a real estate fraud case on behalf of the real estate agents and broker who represented the seller. Ms. Erlich’s clients were alleged to have had a joint venture with the seller, to purchase a property in foreclosure, remodel it, and sell it for a profit. The subject property was allegedly remodeled by an unlicensed contractor who did not obtain any permits. Plaintiffs alleged that the entire work was shotty and that a removal of a structural wall required significant repairs to the property. Plaintiffs sought damages in excess of $500,000 as well as punitive damages.

Ms. Erlich was able to block the plaintiffs’ contractor from testifying on most of the alleged defects and the cost to repair them, and only $50,000 of proposed repairs came into evidence. Ms. Erlich then argued that the plaintiffs’ appraiser did not establish the requisite measure of damages, even for the repairs that did come into evidence. Ms. Erlich was also able to impeach the plaintiffs, show their lack of reliance, and discredit the standard of care expert who testified that her clients acted below the standard of care.

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