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Mildred K. O'Linn to Discuss Training Liability Issues at the College of San Mateo

The San Mateo County Law Enforcement Training Managers Association ("SMCLETMA") is a group of Criminal Justice Professionals drawn together for the purpose of providing  quality training. This is accomplished in a collaborative effort to identify contemporary needs, developing strategies for training programs and processes to evaluate them for all law enforcement entities in the County of San Mateo. The association works in partnership with the San Mateo County Chiefs and Sheriff’s Association and all affiliated organizations promoting and support law enforcement training.

On August 10-11, 2015, SMCLETMA, San Mateo County Communications Managers Association ("SMCCMA") and South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium  ("SBRPSTC") are presenting a two Day Instructor Development Workshop at the College of San Mateo. During this 16 hour course, Los Angeles Manning & Kass partner Mildred K. O'Linn will present a session entitled "Training Liability Issues." Other segments will include "How Training Saved My Life" by Alex Collins of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office, "Instructional Technology" by Daniel Chui of the San Francisco Police Department, "Developing Realistic Training" by Patrick Comerford from the San Jose Police Department, and "Presentation Skills" by Kendall Zoeller of Sierra Training Associates. For more information or to register, click here.

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